About me

“By working hard, you get to play hard guilt-free.”

Jim Rohn

Hi, I’m Naylin, I am a specialist Gynaecologist in Hamilton, New Zealand. I also run a Web Development company as well as an event management company.

I have been known to be a man of extremes. I work hard and I play hard. I have always reacted instinctively to things and whilst it has served me well, this response has also got me into lots of trouble. Since August 2011, we underwent a traumatic end to a very good friendship and I initially responded as I always have done, which only served to make things worse. I have grown since then and am very proud of the way I have managed to control those natural instincts. I am a writer by nature so decided to put my thoughts down on paper and therefore created this blog. Please feel free to comment. As long as your comment isn’t illegal or discriminatory, It will not be deleted.

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  1. Dont know how you have time to run the business and projects you have going…and write a blog…impressive

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